About Us and History of CMS

The story of Complete Mailing Service, Inc. begins with glass. Larry Selman, owner, opened a paperweight business out of his garage in Santa Cruz, California in 1969. What began as a humble mail-order business eventually grew into an international paperweight and glass enterprise. Early on, Larry needed a way to get his catalogs of paperweights into collectors' hands, but with no local mailing business in Santa Cruz, he began buying small pieces of equipment to aid in the creation of his mailings. Soon, after more equipment was purchased, and realizing the real need in Santa Cruz for a mailing business, Complete Mailing Service was born.

Since 1976 Complete Mailing Service, Inc. has been serving a wide range of businesses and nonprofit organizations on the Central Coast and in the Bay Area with a variety of professional lettershop services, including design, digital printing, mail-merging, bulk mailing and database management.

As a primary source of support for businesses and organizations, CMS constantly works to provide a full range of lettershop services necessary for effective communication between company and customer, at the lowest possible costs. Whatever your marketing needs, CMS will print, fold, insert, address and affix postage to virtually any type of direct mail project.

Complementing this range of services is our bulk sorting capability and commitment to offer our customers the lowest postage rates available. Because all work is done in-house, CMS can ensure the fastest turnaround time possible from receipt of materials to delivery at the post office.

In addition to mailing services, we also provide literature fulfillment and product assembly services in Santa Clara and Monterey Counties, as well as Santa Cruz County. We also offer a full range of database management services designed to enhance the effectiveness of communication by mail. Whether you have 50 or 500,000 records, we can verify addresses, eliminate duplicate records, check for move updates, and print and address your mail piece, complete with a USPS barcode necessary for certain significant postage discounts. Our in-house data-entry service provides a quick and easy way to get your various lists of clients into one comprehensive database, from which your mailing can be created.

Our in-house graphic designer can help you with everything from focusing your concepts and design ideas, to answering questions about mailing specs and requirements. We offer a full spectrum of design services, from refining your piece for mailing and postage discounts, to designing the whole thing for you from start to finish. Just provide your ideas and specs, and we will handle the rest.

Once your mailing piece is designed, we can print it on one of our large-capacity, professional digital printers in full color or black and white. We have an extensive selection of types, colors and weights of papers, envelopes and cards to help you reach your customers more effectively. We also have many environmentally-conscious choices for mailing, including recycled-content papers and veggie-based inks. We welcome printing jobs that do not include mailing, give us a call with your ideas for a competitive quote.

Our specialty is creating professional mail-merge projects that produce letters or other collateral, personally tailored to everyone on your mailing list. We'll work with you to design a clear and effective document that can be sent to each of your customers, personalized with the salutation or other information of your choice.

One of our newest services is the ability to send out customized emails to your list. We can design an eloquent text or HTML-based email, personalized to each person on your list, and send it out following a mailing, or instead of a traditional mailing.

CMS works hard to provide the best service at competitive rates, with the fastest turnaround time and lowest postage rates available to our customers. We are constantly looking for ways to better serve our customers, which will, in turn, allows you to better serve your customers. Trust CMS to handle all your printing, mailing, and design needs, professionally, on time—every time.