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Mailing is our specialty. We will handle your entire project from beginning to end... from conception and design, to printing, to delivery and mailing, ON TIME! Call us today if you have questions.

Common Questions

What will you do with any poorly formatted addresses from my list?
The first step in reducing postage cost is to make sure the address records of your mailing list are within the standards set by the U.S. Postal Service. Complete Mailing Service uses CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certified software approved by the USPS. We repair recognizable addresses that are incorrect, and standardize them to meet these USPS specifications.

Can you clean our mailing list that includes duplicate and similar address?
Yes. We combine (merge) two or more lists, and remove (purge) the names and addresses that appear more than once. This gives you a clean list, so you don't waste money mailing to duplicate records. Complete Mailing Service's cutting-edge merge/purge software standardizes and corrects all possible addresses in your lists, then creates a special merge/purge sequence to eliminate the true duplicates and keep the good addresses.

What can you do to identify customers that have changed their address?
NCOA (National Change of Address) uses data updated by the U.S. Postal Service every week to identify individuals, families and businesses that move. Complete Mailing Service will apply NCOA to your list to identify and correct people who have moved.

We have large volume mailing needs. Can you handle our unique requirements?
Absolutely! Complete Mailing Service has multiple stations to process your list and address your mailing. We have more than one of nearly every piece of equipment here, effectively doubling our output. We can handle your project twice as fast!

Do you offer mailing services on items not printed with you?
Of course! Though combining printing and mailing with us is an excellent way to reduce costs, we are happy to just address your piece once delivered to us. Please call us if you have questions.

Will you warehouse and mail our products?
Yes. We are a full service mailing and order fulfillment company.

We have a mailing project that needs to be done ASAP. Can you help us?
Yes. Our digital printer is perfect for your quick runs and those unexpected projects that need to be shipped tomorrow. We are happy to provide rush services, just let us know!